lørdag den 22. januar 2011

I wanted to make a little post about ... copycats. I don't know if everyone have tried to have someone copy them all the time, but I know a lot of people have experienced it. If you are original, unlike a lot of people, and you come up with your own ideas, wear clothing that no one wears and says stuff that nobody says, that awesome. A lot of times, when you do that, you can be proud of yourself, but sometimes you'll have your doubts.. Like: Is this okay to say? Are people gonna talk bad about me if I wear this jacket? And stuff like that.. But thats stuff you'll have to live with, if you choose to be original. And if you come up with your own stuff, and some people starts copying and saying that they made it up and etc, you can get frustrated. If its a friend, and you don't wanna ruin your friendship by telling them that they should try to stop copying you, and come up with their own stuff, it can get hard. And another thing is, if you have friends that no one of your other friends knows, and you are perfectly fine with that, and actually likes to have someone that isn't like all the other girls, and they start to contact your new friends and try's to steal them from you, you can get really upset. But what i'm saying here is: If someone's copying you, and this is going to be hard, if you have been trying to come up with your own stuff, but take it as a compliment. They are obviously jealous and admire you, and are to normal to come up with something original. I think that especially in the blog world, its all about being original. Just stuff like how you end your posts, your info or even your blog name is personal and makes your blog more amazing. I think that if someone copy's someone else's blog, thats sad, cause then its not original and trying to be like someone else isn't either. So think about that..


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