tirsdag den 1. marts 2011

Et hurtigt billede af mit outfit: Læderjakke fra Zara, Shorts er vintage Levi's og strømpebukserne fra H&M. Har haft en meget lang dag i skolen, efterfulgt af halvanden times konfirmations forberedelse og nu skal jeg så lave lektier og til zumba! Håber i har haft en god dag, jeg lover at der kommer bedere indlæg enten i løbet af ugen! Og er også igang med at tænke lidt over nyt layout .. Nogle ideér??

/Leather jacket from Zara, shorts are vintage Levi's and tights from H&M. I've had quite a long day and now I have to do my homework and them i'm of to zumba. I hope you all had a great day, and I promise that my posts are going to be a little more exiting later this week. And i'm in the process of changing the layout a bit, any ideas??

5 kommentarer:

  1. Love the dotted tights with cuffed shorts :D
    I like your layout as it is, it's annoying when there's too many colours and stuff on a blog, I prefer black and white and pictures :D

  2. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it a lot! The only thing i'm annoyed about is that the pictures wont become bigger!

  3. I love the tighs and the short perfect match.

  4. you are too nice! Thank you, haha
    and I definitely loveee those tights. They look so cute with the cut-offs. I wish you took a picture of the whole outfit!! I want to see that jacket! :)