mandag den 24. januar 2011

Hi girls. So, i'm kinda stressed this week, cause I have got tons of things to do. Especially homework! I have a book that I have to read, and its due within 3 days so... And then I have a novel I have to write and as I told you guys in another post, my teacher is retiring, so her gift and stuff is also in my agenda. And a bio test! Omg.. Enough about homework, theres zumba class tomorrow! And what i'm wearing: Cardigan from Gina Tricot (swedish/danish brand), random lace body stocking, H&M studded belt, vintage shorts, thights with dots from H&M as well and wedges from Jette Riis (danish brand). No jewelry and on my nails a bright red colour from Inglot. Hope you all had a great day and looked stylish! Talk to ya tomorrow!


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